Sears Tower

The Sears Tower

Formerly the World’s Tallest Skyscraper
Location: Chicago, Il USA
Height: 1,450 ft. /110 floors
On May 25, 1981, Dan Goodwin, wearing a homemade Spider-Man suit and equipped with suction cups, camming devices, and sky hooks, made the first successful outside ascent of the Sears Tower. On several occasions the Chicago Fire Department tried to stop him by blocking his path with a window washing machine. The climb took seven hours and he was arrested for trespassing at the top. The reason he made the climb was to call attention to shortcomings in high-rise rescue and firefighting techniques. After a lengthy interrogation by Chicago's District Attorney and Fire Commissioner, Goodwin was released.

Renaisance Tower

The Renaissance Tower

Location: Dallas, Texas
Home of Ewing Oil & the Hit TV Series: Dallas
Height: 216 m / 710 ft. / 56 floors

On November 7, 1981, attired in a Spider-Man suit, Dan Goodwin, using his hands & feet along with suction cups, scaled the outside of the Renaissance Tower. Goodwin, later stated he made the climb as a gift to a young Dallas boy stricken with Cystic Fibrosis.

John Hancock

The John Hancock Center

World’s Tallest Residential Building
Location: Chicago, Il USA.
Height: 344 m / 1,127 ft / 100 Floors
On November 11, 1981, Dan Goodwin, for the purpose of calling attention to inadequacies in high-rise firefighting and rescue, successfully climbed the outside of the John Hancock Center. Wearing a custom designed Spider-Man 'wetsuit' and using a climbing device that enabled him to ascend the I-beams on the building's side, Goodwin battled the Chicago Fire Department up the building's side. Fire Commissioner William Blair directed Chicago firemen to stop Goodwin by blasting water from a fire hose at him, by slamming fire axes from the inside through nearby building window glass, and by blocking his path with long poles. Eventually Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne intervened on the spot, allowing Goodwin to continue.

Following the climb Goodwin was interviewed on television and stated:
"If I had cooperation of insurance companies and building owners we could develop equipment that could be used very quickly and very safely and save lives in case there was a major fire in one of these major buildings such as the John Hancock."

Simon Bolivar Centre

Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Height: 30 Floors
In February, 1982, Dan Goodwin, used only his hands & feet to scale the 30 floor Simon Bolivar Centre. The purpose of the climb was to inaugurate a week during which he not only would climb the Simon Bolivar Center but also conduct a seminar on high-rise firefighting and rescue for Venezuelan emergency workers and climb the 56 story Parque Central, the tallest building in South America. He was in Caracas at the invitation of the Venezuelan television station, Venevision, and with the support of the Venezuelan government.

El Parque Central

Parque Central Complex

Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Height: 221 m / 725 ft. / 56 Floors
Hailed as the tallest building in Latin America

In February, 1982, Dan Goodwin traveled to Caracas, Venezuela, at the invitation of a Venezuelan television station. During the week he was in Caracas, he scaled the 30 floor Simon Bolivar Centre, conducted a seminar on high-rise firefighting and rescue for Venezuelan emergency workers, then scaled the 56 floor Parque Central using suction cups, sky hooks, and his hands & feet.

World Trade Center Climb

World Trade Center New York City

On May 30, 1983, Memorial Day, Dan Goodwin, for the purpose of calling attention to inadequacies in high-rise firefighting and rescue (and wearing strategically placed gold lycra patches on his homemade Spider-Man suit so as to comply with a court order stemming from a suit filed by Marvel Comics directing him to cease wearing a Spider-Man suit on his building climbs), successfully scaled the outside of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. NYPD arrested Goodwin at the top.
Upon release from custody, Goodwin stated, "You mark my words, the day will come when terrorists will target our towering skyscrapers, and when that day comes, thousands will needlessly die because we won't be prepared to rescue them."

Nippon Television Tower

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 10 Floors
In March, 1984, Dan Goodwin used suction cups to scale the 10 floor Nippon Television Tower. The climb was arranged by a Japanese filmmaker as publicity for Nippon Television.

Bonaventure HotelBonaventure Hotel

Los Angeles, CA
Height: 112 m / 367 ft / 32 Floors

On February 27, 1985, Dan Goodwin, in a promotion to raise money for World Hunger, scaled the outside of the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

CN Tower

CN Tower

Formerly The World’s Tallest Structure
Location: Toronto, Canada
Height: 553 m / 1815 ft.
Scaled “Twice in one day!”

On June 26, 1986, the ten year anniversary of the tower's opening, Dan Goodwin used his hands & feet to climb the outside of the CN Tower twice on the same day. Following both ascents he rappelled to the ground.